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“Hola, My name is Javier and I am from Malaga, Spain.

I am a qualified Spanish teacher at Lyceum Español and my Spanish teaching diploma. Although I studied Law between three different universties around Europe, I got my CLTA (Certified Language Teacher for Adults) have given me the knowledge and practical skills to create multi level lessons and to manage groups as well as individual students. At the moment I am a Spanish teacher, a translator and a writter.

I have 8 years professional experience during which time I have enjoyed working with a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and goals. As a Lyceum Spanish Head Teacher I love drawing on my experience in helping my students get the most from my lessons. My experience has shown me there’s no place like home and that’s what I found at Lyceum Español.”


Learning more about Javier


Hello, Javier. Why do you teach Spanish?

¡Hola! Because I love teaching and I studied to teach how speak Spanish. I enjoy a lot with my students.

How long and where have you been teaching Spanish?

I have been teaching Spanish for 8 years so far in UK, Germany and Spain.

What's the most important fact to know when learning the Spanish language?

Well, it depends on the person. Some people finds out serious handicaps with verbs, while to others have a general problem with gramar. But nothing is impossible when you want to get it.

Do you recommend a language immersion in Spain?

Yes, of course! As well as I visited UK to improve my English level, as you know... A language immersion is a very important process when learning a foreign language.

Why should students choose Lyceum Español?

I do not want to sound vainglorious, but the reason is simple - teachers and accommodation! Being honest, we reject to teach in classes of students if possible. That's why we chose Lyceum Español. Besides, I passed a strick candidacy acceptance requirements to become a Spanish teacher here. Our method is very special.


Here I present a brief list containing some of the words that confuse us when including tildes on them: [rule] Fue, dio, vio: no tilde, since spelling rules stipulate that monosyllables are never accented graphically, except in cases of diacritical tildes. [rule] Ti: often accentuated by... Read more