The benefit of our Villas for large groups.

The benefit of our Villas for large groups.

Every one of our villas has large sun terraces, areas of study, several rooms and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea very close to them. Our privative villas offer a serene and relaxing atmosphere and benefit from all the seaside comfort.


5 reasons
to stay in a Villa as a language group

There are many reasons for which we provide our Villas for large groups.
However, the main reasons can be summed up in 5 points:


 1. Accommodation and School are at the same place

Yes, our villas are fully equipped to teach large groups. As well as the weather in Southern Spain is predominantly sunny, we usually have lessons outside on the porch with our blackboards with easel and a nature atmosphere! In any case, our Villas provide exclusive and wide areas of study, completely equiped for groups.

Sometimes when students come to Spain for a language immersion, they have their school far away from their accommodation. This is not the case.

No excuses to skip lessons!


 2. A classical Spanish house with comfort and coziness

Probably this is the typical house in which students think when they try to imagine a house in Spain. However, we are delighted to see their surprised faces when we they arrive to the Villa for the first time.

It is a stricking kind of accommodation, for sure. But the most important point here is to provide the adequate lodgement for our groups of students. We want them to feel comfortable and cozy.

Each Villa has big enough rooms to host students as required. Many of the Villas also have a swimming pool and other services.


 3. The Catering

Teachers bring breakfast. Lunch is served in a nearby Restaurant. What more can a student wish for?

We want our student to feel comfortable and cozy. Our villas provide large kitchens and dining rooms. In the meantime, students take advantage of being with the Spanish teacher and learn some vocabulary and phrases. It is time to put the lesson into practice.

After lessons, students, teachers and tutors have lunch in a near Restaurant. Once there, everybody enjoys the typical Spanish Menu. Lyceum Español demands Restaurant staff to adapt the menu to the students diet.


 4. Excellent location

Lyceum Español provide several destinations to host large groups: Nerja, Benajarafe, Marbella, Malaga… all of which are located near the beach.

Our Villas have excellent surroundings and good communication to Malaga Centre. For instance, if the Villa is located in Rincon de la Victoria (15 kms from Malaga Centre), students have a bus stop near home.

Besides, Lyceum Español picks students up from and to Malaga Airport in a private bus.


5. A language exchange with Spanish students

In collaboration with several English schools in Malaga, some native Spanish students visit our Villas to make a language exchange with our group of students.

Besides, our students have the opportunity to visit cultural places of Malaga and Andalusia with their Spanish teachers.

Apart from our cultural visits to Malaga and other locations around Andalusia, our Villas provide a good environment to develop other activities.