Complementary learning activities in Spain.

Complementary learning activities in Spain.

The popular image of Spain as a land of bullfights, flamenco, Mediterranean food, sherry and ruined castles derives from Andalucía, the southernmost territory and the most quintessentially Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula. For this reason, we take this opportunity to have extracurricular activities and excursions with our students. This is the best complement for our Spanish courses in Spain and our original method to teach Spanish.

The best additional ingredient for Home-Tutoring.

In Lyceum Español, daytime class hours are Monday through Friday, mostly in the morning. And, as you know, our method is based on home tuition. We aim these extracurricular activities as the best complement to learn Spanish in Spain, together with home-tutoring.

Through our excursions, language exchange program, sports and leisure, students have the opportunity to improve their language skills in a practical way.

Excursions around Andalusia.

ExcursionEach one preserves extraordinarily brilliant and beautiful monuments and places, of which probably the most perfect is Granada’s Alhambra palace, arguably the most sensual building in all of Europe. We believe Granada is the best destination during our excursions. In fact, a survey talks about Alhambra as the most visited monument in the world.

Seville, not to be outdone, has a fabulously ornamented “Alcázar” and the grandest of all Gothic cathedrals. Today, Andalusia’s capital and seat of the region’s autonomous parliament is a vibrant contemporary metropolis that’s impossible to resist.

Also Córdoba’s exquisite Mezquita, the grandest and most beautiful mosque constructed by the Moors, is a landmark building in world architecture and not to be missed. Cordoba got to be the most famous city in the world in the X century.

A language exchange program: let’s practice our Spanish!

The meeting is totally free, and students usually taste typical food and drinks, as well as they meet each other. Our students have the opportunity to meet Spanish people, as well as they practice their Spanish language skills. On the other hand, Spaniards have the chance to improve their languages and meet foreign people.

Sports & leisure cannot miss if you are coming to Spain.


  • Sport

For sure, coming to Spain you can find the best way to learn Spanish. But, if you do so, you should practice another known event in this country: the sport.

Football, golf, tennis, hiding… Lyceum Español provides you many activities to practice during your stay with us. The nice weather and the lifestyle will make you feel like playing every day!

  • Leisure

Apart from sport, the leisure cannot miss either in Spain. And we must be honest: Spanish lifestyle is as famous in this field as in sport. Every single town has a “Feria”, a very typical Spanish party where everyone goes to. Nothing can be as representative as these parties.

Learning & Enjoyment with our practical way…

For all the above reasons you have another excuse to join us. Your desire can by no means be ignored. And we cannot hide we are waiting for you!

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