Our original method to teach Spanish.

Our original method to teach Spanish.

A teaching methodology is essentially the main manner in which a teacher chooses to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material. There are many different methodologies that can be utilized by a teacher, and the methods chosen often depend on the educational philosophy and preferences of a teacher.

A lively and efficient teaching approach using original methods and documents: this is our rule. Therefore, here we present our new method, entirely original, with many surprises to discover.

We want you to learn intensively.

It is not just about the exclusive way of the home tuition. It is something else: we have created a whole system that cannot be used to big groups. It’s common knowledge our students join us for some weeks and they must take advantage of such period as much as possible during your Spanish courses in Spain.

Thus, let’s see some of the main characteristics of this teaching method.

Student is the core of everything.

spanish teacher teachs spanishIt is well known, sometimes we you attend classes the teacher looks like talking alone. We should like to state quite clearly mostly we refuse academies and other centers teaching. Why? Because the most of the time, the teacher is talking about the same subject, regardless of the student needs. And that is not an effective way to learn.

Lyceum Español refuses this “automatic and indifferent teaching”. We are really proud of our teachers and their way to teach Spanish. All of them follow our guidelines and style.

A whole system full of activities and techniques.

As you know, we use specific areas in the accommodation for classes. They are fully equipped chambers. There, our teachers leave every day homework and goals. To explain better this activity, let’s mention an example:

Every day after class, teacher leaves some on the board some goals and games for students. For instance, one could be: “Now the subject is the food. So today we should therefore focus on this aspect. By tomorrow we must learn a typical Spanish prescription and all its ingredients. You can use our board to write something for tomorrow”.

Many exercises and dynamics for learning effectively.

  • Games and exercises to improve vocabulary and grammar
  • Constructive conversations: speaking and learnings improvement
  • Daily friendly “homework” students can find close to the blackboard
  • Daily aims and goals with awards and results

But it’s not time to reveal our secret…!daily activities to learn Spanish

Our method has much more to offer you. However, we prefer to save our secret for you. If you really want to learn Spanish intensively, this is a real option you should mind if you are looking for Spanish courses in Spain. We will be waiting for you.

¡Te esperamos!

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