A different method to speak Spanish

A different method to speak Spanish

First, we must be honest. To speak a language you have several choices. Some of them are here:

– Learning by yourself.

– Attending an academy.

– Hiring a private tutor for a few hours per week.

– Purchasing a language course (online, books…).

– Or, a combination of the above.

As you can see, there are many different ways to learn Spanish. However, not all of them can produce the results you desire. Here are a few other effective ways to learn Spanish:

– A language immersion

– Working in a job with Spanish speakers.

– A relationship (yes!) — where your significant other, friends, classmates… are native speakers.

So, if you could choose one option from the first list and another option from the second, which would you choose? Maybe you would decide to study Spanish by yourself, in addition to a language immersion for a month? — Good Choice!

What about buying an online language course? You would be lucky as well if your significant other is a native speaker.

Whatever you decide, it is probably a good choice. However, among all the options — a language immersion as well as a private tutor – is the perfection combination. We offer more than Spanish courses in Spain


A perfect mixture: Language Immersion + Home Tutoring.

Maybe it sounds weird, but that´s our main motto. After teaching Spanish abroad and in Spain for many years, we found this to be the easiest method to learn Spanish. And you must be wondering… why? what is this?

Well, if we have learned anything after teaching for many years, it is that classes with too many people are not ideal for students. It is often difficult to learn in a class full of people. Besides, these kinds of Spanish schools do not differ much from a standard academy near home.

That is why we have decided that this method — A Language Immersion + Home Tutoring — is the best way to learn Spanish for the following reasons:

1. Accommodation for small groups and classes allows for the perfect intensive course.small groups spanish course

2. It is a special, original and easy way to learn Spanish.home tutoring is the best way to learn spanish in spain

3. Our student is the most important part of our classes.

4. Smaller groups mean more one-on-one time with a tutor — therefore a better chance to learn.

5. It is a beautiful opportunity to study Spanish exclusively in Spain.

6. You will have no excuses to skip your classes

For all the above reasons and more, we highly recommend that you choose this method. We know that you come to Spain anticipating an intensive and effective course — and you probably will not find a better, efficient and useful way to speak in Spanish anywhere else.


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