We are not the classic Spanish Language School in Spain

We are not the classic Spanish Language School in Spain

There is no better way to learn Spanish then to spend time studying in Spain. It is alright. The point is: apart from the language immersion, should you take part in a Spanish language school/academy?

Probably if you are already studying Spanish, you are already attending an academy at your hometown. How many classmates do you have? How many hours per week do you attend classes? You may not find many differences between a language school/academy in your hometown and a language school/academy in Spain.

Disadvantages: big groups, fixed programs, far away from your accommodation…

If you come to Spain just to attend a language school, you may be wrong. Why? Because if you are already attending an academy in your country, probably you will not get any advantages there, moreover if you have native speakers teaching you at hometown. Big groups, equal learning method, fixed programs, far away from home… you could not feel anything exclusive.

We do not mean every Spanish language school in Spain are similar. However, we created this different method inasmuch as we do not agree such way to teach, as it does not support anything exclusive to the student who came to Spain for a language immersion.


That’s why we are here: a home tutoring in Spain.

There are many reasons to understand why we decided to create this different way to teach Spanish. You may not find several disadvantages in our method. Anyway, in case you are hesitating whether a home tuition could be the best choice to learn Spanish in Spain, here are some matters to clarify:

Q: Classes into the accommodation? Is it comfortable for me?

Yes, it is. You can be sure all our apartments are large enough, fully equipped to learn Spanish properly, with a specific area to attend classes.

Q: Do I have private classes? What about the accommodation?

You have 4 different kinds of classes according to the accommodation. They match as:

a)      Shared apartment for 3-4 people. Always single rooms.

b)      Private apartment for 2 people (and sometimes for families).

c)       Private apartment for 1 person.

d)      Homestay program: single or shared rooms.

Q: It seems to be too solitary. Isn´t it?

No, it is not. We provide extracurricular activities, such as a language exchange program with Spanish people, excursions around Andalusia, cultural activities, sports, leisure and much more.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should think about us in case you want to learn Spanish in Spain. We offer you something exclusive, a nice experience within an effective method.

Queremos enseñarte español.

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