A typical day for a group.

A typical day for a group.

The following lines describe a normal day of a group of students in Lyceum Español. The most of students coming as a group stay in our Villas. Nevertheless, some of them stay with a family near the Villa (having lunch and spending nights).


8.00 am – Awakening in the Villa!

students group

In the morning, students wake up expecting to live a great day in Malaga. Some of them talk to us about the sound of waves that attrack their attention. They must be ready for 8.45 am. However, due to they have lectures at the Villa, they have enough time to prepare themselves.

Meanwhile, some students enjoy the garden waiting for the teachers… and the breakfast!


8.45 am – Teachers & Breakfast time

breakfast in the villa

Yes, it is. Teachers bring breakfast home! We want our student to feel comfortable and cozy. Our villas provide large kitchens and dining rooms.

Spanish breakfast is not so heavy compared to foreign ones, but not less tasty: milk, juices, tomatoes and olive oil are a very common breakfast in Spain.Boys and girls must be ready to learn Spanish!

In the meantime, students take advantage of being with the Spanish teacher and learn some vocabulary and phrases. It is time to put the lesson into practice.


9.15 am – Spanish lessonslectures area

After breakfast, it is time to learn Spanish. Today is sunny (as the rest of 322 sunny days in Spain on average), so we will have lessons outside. At the right we can see two pictures before the lessons start.

In this case, students are divided in 2 different groups: begginers and intermediate. In one hand, beginners group has lectures with Laura, who is specialized in teaching Spanish from the beggining.  On the other hand, intermediates group is joining Pablo.

lectures area

Groups are never greater than 8 students. Our motto refuses large groups and crowded classes.

And that’s why students feel quite good in class. Nevertheless, our method is not just such motto.  Besides, we try to refuse books and typical materials. Students have good enough materials to study by themselves.

Presentations, games, activities, friendly explanations, songs, exercises… Students have some practical lessons with their Spanish teachers.


13.45 pm – ¡Vamos al Restaurante!

lunch in the restaurant

This is the favorite time for teachers and tutors. After lessons, students, teachers and tutors have lunch in a near Restaurant.

Once there, everybody enjoys the typical Spanish Menu. Lyceum Español demands Restaurant staff to adapt the menu to the students diet. In any case, everyone have a great time and an opportunity to meet the Mediterranean Diet. ¡Delicioso!

Some of the students from homestays join us to have lunch. The rest have lunch with their family.


17.30 pm – Cultural & Recreational Activities

Spanish activties for groups

Since the most of our intensive courses are in morning schedule, Lyceum Español organizes extra activities in the evenings and some weekends (apart from trips).

Typically, like other aspects, we let students decide what their preferences for this type of activity. Especially in line with their tastes, interests, age or any other reason.

If there are any places more complete than the south of Spain, we certainly haven’t been informed. World famous, Andalusia is unique. Therefore our visitors enjoy its beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea; desert, snow mountains, huge zoos or natural parks, monuments from different cultures as Arabic, Romanian or Christian,  there is something here that they end up loving.




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