4 different languages in Spain.

4 different languages in Spain.

Why it is not the same Spanish?

There are many uncertainties when one can come across as a tourist, if he/she can understand everything during his/her holidays in Spain, despite of his/her appropriated language skills “in Spanish”, since there are several languages in Spain that are very similar and can cause confusion.

The official language is referred to as “Spanish” or rather “Castellano” (Castilian), which is understood everywhere in the country, but has been deviated to several other languages with different vocabulary and different grammar in the various relevant areas.

On balance, these are the 4 native languages you can find in Spain:


1. “Castellano” (Castilian)

different languages in spainCastellano is considered to be the official language of the nation and is practiced everywhere. Likewise, it is spoken in many South American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Cuba and others. Most tourists to get in the other language regions receive extent that one agrees with them in Castilian. Of course, it is the most important language between the all the languages in Spain.


2. “Catalán” (Catalan)

bandera-catalunyaCatalan is spoken in Catalonia, mainly belongs to the eastern coast of the territory. This applies to places like Barcelona, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra. Like the other region-specific languages, Catalan was banned during the Franco dictatorship. In its development, the language was influenced by Italian and French. Nowadays, at the universities of Catalonia, taught in Catalan, but students have sometimes the option of their examination in Spanish (i.e. Castilian).


3. “Gallego” (Galician)

20080215222419-bandera-galiciaIn the north-western region of Galicia residents speak “Gallego”. This language is very similar to Portuguese. Galicia extends to the border with Portugal and its cities such as the Galician capital, the famous place of pilgrimage “Santiago de Compostela” one encounters Gallego. In addition, you can still divide Galician in 3 different landscape related dialects.


4. Euskera (Basque)

euskadi-banderaIn the Spanish-French border area lying Basque country speaks the so-called “Euskera”, which  has nothing to do with the Spanish language and where ther are no similarities with other Romance languages. It is the oldest spoken language in Europe! Accordingly, only a small proportion of the Basque population speaks Spanish (about 800,000). The conservation of this language has been and will always be an important aspect in the fight for Basque autonomy.


There are different variations and dialects that occur within the country to the 4 different major languages.



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    • Bienvenido/a a la Prueba de nivel de español..
    • Al final del test, sabrás tu puntuación total.
    1. Hola, me llamo Antonio. Y tú, ¿cómo te ______?
    2. -¿Quiénes ___ esos hombres?
    - Unos amigos.
    3. - ¿____ se dice “Tisch” en español?
    - Se dice “mesa”.
    4. - Manuel, y tú... ¿en qué trabajas?
    - Soy _______ en un supermercado.
    5. - Manuel vive en España, pero sus hermanos _____ en Polonia.
    6. ¿Cuál ______ tu número de teléfono?
    7. - Lucía tiene unos hijos muy _____ .
    8. - En Granada _______ una catedral muy interesante.
    9. - Perdone, ¿dónde ______ el Museo Picasso?
    10. - ¿Te _______ cocinar?
    - Pues la verdad es que no_____ . _____ ir a un restaurante.
    11. - Esta noche ______ al tenis, ¿te gustaría acompañarnos?
    12. - Buenas tardes, señor. ¿Qué desea?
    - Me _____ probar el gazpacho.
    13. - Medio kilo de manzanas, por favor.
    - ¿Cómo _____ quiere?
    - No muy verdes.
    14. -¿Qué tal está la paella?
    -Está _______ rica.
    15. - No me gusta el frío.
    - __________________.
    16. - El jersey es ______ bonito ______ la chaqueta.
    17. - A Pepe _________ regalamos una bici eléctrica.
    18. - Hola, ¿qué queréis tomar?
    - _______ un par de cervezas, por favor.
    19. - María, en tu casa, ¿quién pone la mesa?
    - Normalmente la _______ yo. Aunque casi siempre me ayudan.
    20. - Todos los días me acuerdo de mis amigos. Y tú, ¿ ____ acuerdas siempre de ellos?


    Now submit the test to get your results!

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    4 different languages in Spain - Why it is not the same Spanish.
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    4 different languages in Spain - Why it is not the same Spanish.
    You can find 4 different languages in Spain: Castilian, Catalan, Galician and Basque. This is an important aspect when having a language immersion.