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Fall in love with Andalusia

Apart from our unique methods of letting you study Spanish, we arrange private guided tours for you, included in your course. Let us be your personal tour guide with whom to explore with through this amazing corner of Europe. We offer you tailor-made excursions.

Why should you join us? The reason is simple: ANDALUSIA.

If there are any places more complete than the south of Spain, we certainly haven’t been informed. World famous, Andalusia is unique. Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea; desert, snow mountains, huge zoos or natural parks, monuments from different cultures as Arabic, Romanian or Christian, we promise there is something here that you will love. We have culturally-significant cities such as Granada, Seville, Malaga, and Cordoba… why search elsewhere when you can find any Spanish excursion you desire here, included with your Spanish Course? Travelling around and visiting Andalusia always becomes an unduplicated experience. It is a great way to learn a language, discover culture, history and daily Spanish habits.

The climate is here fantastic. 320 sunny days! You can compare it only with a climate in southern coast of California, central Chile and south-western Australia. Enjoy with ©Lyceum Español, after an intensive course during the week, guided excursions on weekends around Andalusia, Spanish Courses with the best teachers and much more. Here you have a brief description of a typical excursion day:

  • Excursions are included in the shared apartment packages.*
  • Your own teacher will be your own guide.**
  • Mostly, comfortable transport in a private big car or bus.

The first Saturday, we usually visit Granada. Students are picked up from apartments at 8:30am and we go in a big private car to Granada, 120 km far away.  We visit Albaicin district, Alhambra, Arabic baths… and from our experience, people love it, especially when visiting “Mirador de San Nicolás”, which is known as one of the most wonderful sights in the world.”

(*) According to the course package.
(**) Teacher will be guide during excursions if possible.

  • Our favourite excursions:



    One of the most beautiful cities in the world. You probably know why. But the Alhambra is not only the reason. One of the things you should do before you die, is visit this city!



    Wonderful beach. You can see África from this place. The sea and the land (of Atlantic Ocean) is beautiful and unique. We must spend a day here during your stay with us!


    spanish excursions

    Giralda, Torre del Oro, Plaza de España… Seville is the capital of Andalusia. Recently and specially reformed by the Expo in 1992. The best of our Spanish excursions.



    This beautiful place belongs to the United Kingdom, although it is located in Cadiz, a province in Andalusia. It is famous for its monkeys. Fun!

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  • Student Groups

    Lyceum Español hosts many student groups. This kind of groups must be recepted differently.

  • Language Exchange Program

    Every week Lyceum Español organizes language and cultural meeting points between native Spanish people

  • Extracurricular Activities

    We provide special leisure packages for our students. Since our intensive courses in morning (Monday-Friday), Spanish Lyceum organizes extra activities.

  • Sports & Leisure

    Our students have the opportunity to be part of a Surfing course in the destinations of Rincón de la Victoria and Marbella.