Spanish for Lawyers

Here is one of our best courses in Lyceum Español: our specific course for Lawyers. This Spanish Course is one of our favorites because it is a beautiful, interesting and welcome field for our students.

If you are a student of Law, you are a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, judge… or simply you would like to learn Spanish in the Law field… We have a special course for you!


The field of Law in Spanish: subjects, topics.

spanish for lawyers, solicitors, judge, law students

Lyceum Español adapts each private course to the student. Some of them prefer to learn in Spanish a specific field of the Law, such as Civil, Commercial, Finance… and other students want to learn the field of Criminal or Public Law…or just a mix of all them.

That is why we cannot ease here a specific program about Spanish for Lawers.

Anyway, here we show you some topics taught in the Spanish course for lawyers:

“El Derecho Civil y Mercantil” (the Civil and Commercial Law)
“El Derecho penal y su extenso vocabulario” (Criminal Law)
“La parte especial de los Contratos y las obligaciones extracontractuales” (Contract & Torts)
“El Derecho Financiero y Tributario” (Financial Law)
“Derecho Privado aplicado a la Economía y los negocios” (Private-Business Law)

Besides, your professor will be a Lawyer, we think that is ESSENTIAL to teach such specific field of the Spanish language. We will adapt the course to your purposes, odds and to your level of Spanish.

It is highly recommended this course if you have a relation with Law. It is a useful field all around the world, not only in Spain, also in most part of America.


In collaboration with Larios 3 Legal: prestigious law firm in Malaga.

law firm in malaga teaching spanish

Lyceum Español always provides the best quality for its students. That’s why we collaborate with an acclaimed law firm as Larios 3 Legal.

This office is specialised in the management of procedural strategies and civil, business, corporate and criminal litigation. They are located in the most prestigious street in Malaga: calle Larios.