Spanish for Business

 spanish-for-business Every day there are more people interested in learning Spanish for a business reason. The Spanish, as a spoken language in many countries, is a highly demanded language in business, economics and finance fields.  That is why maybe you could be interested in learning Spanish in Spain, but specially improving the field of business.

We have prepared for you a specific Spanish Course for Professionals to get an advantage while doing your business.


Study the specific field of business in Spanish.

The specific course Spanish for business is based on the vocabulary and expressions used for business communication.

Please, contact us to know more about our specific program we use to teach Spanish for Business. Anyway, here are some examples you could check out to get an idea about this specific course:


Accounting Measuring, interpreting, and communicating financial information to support internal and external decision making.
Contabilidad Sistema que enseña las normas y procedimientos para ordenar, analizar y registrar las operaciones financieras practicadas por el negocio para así poder ejercer la toma de decisiones


Auction exchange Centralized marketplace where securities are treated by specialists on behalf of investors.
Subasta de valores La actitud personal “yo” se implementa mejor en la conversación y escritura en términos que la audiencia desea, le interesa, espera ó prefiera.


Asset allocation Method of shifting investments within a portfolio to adapt them to the current investment environment.
Asignación de inversiones Método de cambiar inversiones dentro de un portafolio para adaptarlas al actual ambiente de inversiones.


Advertising Paid, nonpersonal communication to a target market from an identified sponsor using mass communications channels.
Publicidad Comunicación impersonal pagada por un patrocinador dirigida a cierto mercado usando canales masivos de comunicación.