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Spanish for Professionals

Are you thinking about learning or improving your Spanish for your profession or studies? Would you like to prepare your DELE exam? We also have Spanish for professionals.

Spanish for Professionals field

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain for Professionals

Spanish for Lawyers

Length of5 lessons/week

This is our course specific for Lawyers. This Spanish course is one of our favourites because it is a beautiful, interesting and welcome field for our students. If you are a student of Law; a lawyer, attorney, solicitor, judge… or simply you would like to learn Spanish in the Law field… then this course is for you!

Spanish for Business

Length of5 lessons/week

Every day there are more people interested in learning Spanish for a business reason. The Spanish, as a spoken language in many countries, is a highly demanded language in business, economics and finance. You could have good reason to be interested in learning Spanish in Spain, but this will specially improve Spanish in the field of business. We have prepared for you a Master Class pack to get it on the best way.

Spanish for Doctors

Length of+ 5 lessons/week

If you are doctor, nurse, surgeon… or simply you would like to learn Spanish in the specific field of Medicine… we also have a special Spanish course for you. As another Master Class course, you have private classes with a specialist (a Doctor or person with a Bachelor Degree of Medicine will be your professor.)

Preparation to DELE

Length of5 lessons/week

If you are thinking about getting the DELE certificate to be a teacher of the Spanish language, we can help you on that way! Getting a Class Master pack, you have intensive private classes to pass DELE exam with confidence. We know how beautiful it is to teach Spanish, and we want you to do it having a good time meanwhile. Contact us to get more information about this specific course!