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Spanish for Beginners

Intensive Spanish Course for beginners.

Lyceum Español has a special devotion to the people who want to start studying Spanish in Spain. We offer a special method to start learning Spanish and to have a good beginning, as well as we know how to teach Spanish for beginners.

Beginner’s level matches as:


  • A person who does not speak anything in Spanish.
  • A person who knows just some words in Spanish.

We adapt the Spanish for beginners course to your needs. No matter what your native language is or how difficult you find it to learn another language, with our intensive courses, you will be able to keep a basic conversation at least at the end of your stay.

Besides, if you get a private accommodation (an apartment or a homestay) for one person, two people or a family, you receive private classes. It means you have a professor at your apartment only for you!



TEST: You can test your level of Spanish here…

Spanish A1 and A2 – Different beginner’s levels of Spanish

Level A1: you will be able to socialize in Spanish using simple expressions if other language users speak slowly and clearly.

Level A2: you will be able to hold conversations on everyday topics and issues that you are familiar with.

Both levels has been determined by Instituto Cervantes.


Why you should choose our Spanish Course for Beginners?

spanish for beginners


– The only school that refuses bigger class groups than 4 people.

– The school with the most intensive method: language immersion + home tutoring.

– The only school that provides 5 different destinations in Southern Spain.

– The only school with exclusive accommodation full equipped to learn Spanish.

– The only school that really differs from any kind of academy, institute, school or language center.