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Spanish for Advanced levels

Intensive Spanish courses for higher levels.

This course is intended to improve the student language level. Are you able to maintain a conversation in Spanish and want to build upon your current skills?

We also offer Spanish for advanced levels.. This course is tailor made for people with high levels of Spanish, such as intermediate, upper…

Sometimes it is hard to know which exact level a student may have. For this reason, we consider as advanced the following levels:

  • Intermediate (some cases)
  • Upper
  • Advanced

We also have different kinds of courses tailored for specific fields. Our Spanish for Professionals (lawyers, doctors, business and those prepararing to take the DELE), and also a course for advanced levels of Spanish.

Besides, if you get a private accommodation (an apartment or studio) for 1 person, couples or family, you have private classes. It means you will have a private teacher. That is important once you have a high level. A crowed classroom may not be a good choice when student has an advanced level of Spanish.


TEST: You can test your level of Spanish here…

Advanced levels COURSE PACKAGE

What is included with these specific course packages?

Spanish Courses in Spain

  • An intensive Spanish course
  • Exclusive and private accommodation near the beach*home tutoring is the best way to learn spanish in spain
  • An exciting excursion per week (shared apartments)
  • Airport pickup
  • Learning materials**
  • Enrollment Fee

(*) Accommodation according to the package.
(*) Learning material included for 2 weeks or longer bookings.


Spanish courses for specific fields (only for advanced levels).

If you have an advanced level of Spanish, we also recommend our Spanish courses for professionals (Master Class):


We want to offer you one of the best courses here at Lyceum Español; our specific course for Lawyers. This course is one of our favorites because it is a beautiful, interesting and welcome field for our students. If you are a student of law; lawyer, attorney, solicitor, judge… or simply you would like to learn Spanish in the Law field… We have a special course for you!


Every day there are more people interested in learning Spanish for business reasons. Spanish, as a spoken language in many countries, is a highly demanded language in business, economics and finance. That is why maybe you could be interested in learning Spanish in Spain, but specially interested in improving your Spanish skills in the field of business. We have prepared for you a Master Class pack to help you on you way.


 If you are doctor, nurse, surgeon… or simply you would like to learn Spanish in the specific field of Medicine… we also have a special Spanish course for you. As another Master Class course, you have private classes with a specialist (which means a Doctor or person with a Bachelor Degree of Medicine will be your professor).


If you are thinking about getting the DELE certificate to be a teacher of the Spanish language, we can help you on your way! Getting a Spanish Course for Professionals, you have intensive private classes to help you to pass DELE exam with confidence. We know how beautiful it is to teach Spanish, and we want you to do it whilst having a good time. Contact us to get more information about this specific course!

Why you should choose our Spanish Course for advanced levels?


– The only school that refuses bigger class groups than 4 people.

– The school with the most intensive method: language immersion + home tutoring.

– The only school that provides 5 different destinations in Southern Spain.

– The only school with exclusive accommodation full equipped to learn Spanish.

– The only school that really differs from any kind of academy, institute, school or language center.