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Exclusive & Tailored Spanish Courses in Spain

Lyceum Español has the Spanish courses in Spain you are looking for: they are always adapted to the characteristics of the student. We think it’s not the same to teach a student age 60 as teaching a 10 year-old child. That’s why all our courses are PRIVATE.

We take many types of students. Different countries, different cultures, different ages and different levels are looking for Spanish courses in Spain – this really is open to anyone! We recommend testing your level of Spanish if you do not know yours.

A different way to learn Spanish in Spain…

Special, original and easy method to learn Spanish:


  • Pragmatic and simple method.
  • Your teacher, your friend: he/she will teach you at home.
  • Do not worry about your level of Spanish. Our courses are adapted to you, your needs and preferences.
  • This private method is much more effective than academic courses.

Families, Couples, Individuals… this really is perfectly suited to anyone!

It’s common knowledge that any class with too many people won’t benefit you. That’s why you will get a private teacher at home. Furthermore, if you choose a master course (lawyer, doctor, business…) your teacher will be a specialist in the subject.


You look for an effective method to learn-or improve Spanish.

A tailored program means a bigger chance to learn. If you are learning a language, probably you know about academies, schools and crowed classes. You may also have noticed their learning programs do not suite your needs. We adapt the course to you. We study your knowledge, skills, preferences and needs.

Do you come to Spain and want to learn Spanish but you cannot attend a Spanish school?

There may be many reasons for which you cannot attend a Spanish school in Spain. Having lectures at your lounge, comfort is assured: Imagine; you wake up, eat breakfast and your teacher knocks at the door. You have some enjoyable, funny and practical lessons. And later our cultural and educational activities! Plus, you won’t get lost looking for your school… 

Our accommodation is not mandatory, but recommended.

Our accommodations are considered high standard and comfortable. They are also fully furnished to have perfect lectures to learn Spanish. And in just a moment, you can have a blackboard and required equipment/learning resources ready for your learning.

It´s a beautiful way to study Spanish, which is exclusive in Spain.

In summary, we offer you private classes in a comfortable style for a lower price than other schools with classes for 7-8 people or even more. In addition, if the accommodation is fully equipped to have lectures, it is also ready to study Spanish comfortably and tailor made for you.

Spanish courses for all levels, all ages.

Spanish for BEGINNER level

Levels: A1, A2

This is the most special kind of students, because they require a specific learning method. However, they are also the most common student we have. If it is your case, you will be very comfortable with our practical, useful and friendly way to teach you. We have the best Spanish courses in Spain for beginners.

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Spanish for INTERMEDIATE level

Levels: B1, B2

Sometimes it is difficult to determinate your exact “intermediate level.” At this level, some people have better skills in verbs; others have knowledge in other fields; so we recommend telling us your strengths in the language.

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Spanish for ADVANCED level

Levels: C1, C2

You know the Spanish language to a high enough level but want to improve even more. It belongs to a C1, C2 official level.

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Spanish for KIDS

Ages: kids & children

We are the only Spanish school that provides Spanish for kids in Malaga.

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Specific fields of Spanish

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Are you just interested in private lessons?
Then check the price list, clicking here.


Lessons without accommodation: Please, note that booking private lessons without accommodation come at a higher price.