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Spanish Courses for Groups

Spanish courses for groups in SpainAt Lyceum Espanol, we have a range of beautiful apartments that have been designed specially to make learning Spanish a pleasure.  Our apartments are spacious and comfortable and are suitable for organised groups.  In addition to private courses, we can accommodate larger parties, and our Spanish courses for groups offer provide an exceptional environment to discover the language together.

If you learn Spanish as a group with Lyceum Espanol you will find that the course is highly rewarding, and thanks to our unique teaching method, your group will be able to experience life
in Spain through native instruction, and regular excursions into the local area to get closer to Spanish Culture.

Your group can choose from a number of popular resort towns in the Costa Del Sol including:


·         Nerja

·         Marbella

·         Malaga

·         Rinca de la Victoria

·         Benalmadena


Your accommodation in these resorts can comfortably host up to 4 people at any time, and includes dedicated space for learning Spanish as a group.  A typical week long Spanish course for a group of people includes 15 lessons in the apartment and regular excursions to local attractions where you will all have the opportunity to test out your skills.


Learning Spanish as a Group

Excursions groupOne of the main advantages of learning Spanish as a group rather than as an individual is that you have more opportunities to practice the language.  As a group of people who know each other will often be less self-conscious during the learning process which means that you can all work together outside the regular class times to talk in Spanish and put your skills to the test.


Group Discounts

We offer a number of discounts for groups learning Spanish together, so contact us today to find out more about how Lyceum Espanol can help you.