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The Best Spanish Immersion for Families

Thinking of having a language immersion in Spain with your family? Lyceum Español is the best solution as a Spanish Immersion for families in Spain. Its program allows you to learn Spanish as a family. Based on home tutoring and well selected apartments for small groups, Lyceum Español hosts families from all around the world.

Families are our best and we are specialized in them. Let’s see some of the reasons.


Why choose Lyceum Español if you are a family?

1. A tailored & private method for you and your relatives

spanish immersion for familiesOur private method allows you to get a more intensive Spanish course. It means a course in a standard class takes longer to make you learn. However, our private teacher will create a tailored program for you and your family.

In fact, you have several choices to schedule your lectures: together or separately. In any case, 3 lessons per day of private course will be more than enough. You can be sure!


2. Homeschooling is your perfect solution

spanish course for families, in spainEvery morning one of our teachers comes to your apartment to teach you Spanish. It means a lot of advantages if you stop and think about it. It is well common that you may have your accommodation far away from your school. But this is not the case.

Besides, our private and intensive course allows you to have a lot of free time to enjoy Malaga after your lectures, so later you can go to the beach or whatsoever!


3. You do not have to worry about your smallest children

spanish course for families, in spainDo you have a baby or small children? Do you fear that you will not be able to attend a Spanish School during your stay in Spain?

Our home tutoring program is very well tailored for families with too small children that cannot attend an academy or similar places, and they do not want to leave them in a nursery.


4. A possibility of having different lectures

spanish course for couples, in spainAlthough it is possible and recommended to have lectures together, you can match your lectures as you wish.

For example:

– Two hours for adults and one hour for your kids

– One and half an hour for each level or

– One hour for adults, one hour for children and one hour all together


5. Did you know it is possible to learn all together?

One of our main purposes is creating a language program that matches each one of the family needs. However, it always depends on their levels of Spanish. Usually there are not more than two different levels of Spanish in a family, so our teachers are used to teaching in a familiar and warming manner.




My husband and I traveled to Malaga for a week with our daughter, 5. What a fabulous experience! The Spanish lessons are the best I’ve ever had; you really immerse in the language and the one-on-one tutor is invaluable. They cater to your specific level, needs and interest. Also, during the activities, the staff are really good at repeating back questions correctly and then answering…. I loved this attention to my learning. It is the best Spanish Immersion program I could ever found.

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