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Spanish Citizenship Test

If you are thinking of passing the Spanish Citizenship Test because you would like to obtain the Spanish nationality, some of our teachers specialise in preparing people to pass this exam.

From October 2015, there are 2 laws regarding the Spanish Citizenship Application. Among the new highlights the need a base DELE A2 or higher for the individuals who don’t originate from Spanish-talking nations, and pass another exam called Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge Spain (CCSE in Spanish). These two exams or if nothing else CCSE (for Hispanics) must be endorsed before beginning the methodology for acquiring citizenship.

About the New Spanish Citizenship Exam

spanish citizenship testThe tests are not standardized, so vary wildly in their levels of difficulty, prompting complaints that many questions are too difficult, even including trick questions.

In a bid to combat these non-standardized tests, Spain’s Cervantes Institute  unveiled a new exam, which aims to test just how well applicants for Spanish citizenship know Spain.

The test, which accompanies an expense of 85 euro, has been assembled by the Cervantes Institute and will go about as an approach to gauge whether candidates are adequately incorporated into the life and society of Spain.

There will be an aggregate of 25 inquiries, that will be upgraded and changed consistently, which will be of a genuine or false or various decision nature. The entire exam will be composed in Spanish.

The test substance will be isolated into two gatherings: The Spanish constitution and regional and authoritative association (60% of the inquiries) and Spanish society, society and history (40%).

Candidates will have 45 minutes in which to answer every one of the inquiries and must answer 15 out of the 25 addresses accurately to pass the exam and get the testament, which is mandatory to then apply for nationality.

Would you like to be ready for this test?

Our teachers are used to preparing people for this test. They will train you in order to obtein the Spanish Citizenship.

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