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learning methodIf you come to Spain for an intensive Spanish course, it is because you want to take advantage of your stay in Spain to improve your language skills (or start learning efficiently). Did you think about your classroom? Are you comfortable studying in a class full of people? You should consider these kind of questions before you decide to come to Spain.

That’s why we have changed the big class for a comfort lounge. Both our shared apartments and our private apartments have been made for a different way of learning Spanish. And you must be wondering… “why?”.

Lyceum Español has created a different way to learn Spanish. Our home tutoring learning based on small groups is not a casualty. Let’s explain our method.

An effective, useful and practical whole SYSTEM.

Our original method to learn spanishA teaching methodology is essentially the way in which a teacher chooses to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material. There are many different methodologies that can be utilized by a teacher, and the methods chosen often depend on the educational philosophy and preferences of a teacher

Small group learning with an active component is incorporated in many curricula today. Have you been in a class where you had small group breakout sessions to discuss a case or apply learned concepts?  Have you been enrolled in a course which was taught exclusively using a small group learning method?



why private spanish lessons with lyceum espanol


A method based on student personal skills.

Having a small groups can be only advantages. But the first advantage is we can adapt our learning system to the students. Besides, having “class at home” means teacher leaves everyday activities, targets and games to the students.

  • Games and exercises to improve vocabulary and grammar
  • Constructive conversations: speaking and learnings improvement
  • Daily friendly “homework” students can find close to the blackboard
  • Daily aims and goals with awards and results

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Lyceum Español

Funny, Practical & Useful lessons. As we do through YouTube.

Our YouTube Channel (Super Liceo) shows our way to teach.

Learn more about our way to teach Spanish:

A teaching methodology is essentially the main manner in which a teacher chooses to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material. There are many  Read more