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Leisure Activities around La Costa del Sol

If you are among those who love to spend their leisure time actively, in La Costa del Sol you will never feel bored. Here you can find beaches, adventure parks, horse riding, sailing, sport activities, orienteering, restaurants and even such entertainment as zoos that is not found anywhere else but only  in La Costa del Sol!

Spain’s year-round good weather makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities so you’ll never struggle to find things to do and places to go in your leisure time…

An introduction to the typical Spanish foods, from tapas and paella to the famous Spanish produce including olive oil, chorizo and serrano ham

Besides, we provide special leisure packages for our students, as you can see bellow.


Special Leisure Activities for our students

Your physical well-being is high on the list of priorities of the Lyceum Español. No matter your favorite activity — tourism, sport, leisure, art or parties— with us you can always find companionship and first-class facilities.

Here are some of our special leisure activities (included with your adult course package):

Dinner & Show – Flamencospanish flamenco

Immerse yourself in the world of flamenco in its most genuine setting, a flamenco Tablao.

The only place in Malaga where you can enjoy dinner with a Flamenco show. The food is amazing. Head chef Simon Robson has 10 years expecience in Vino Mio and has certainly left his mark on the varied dishes served.

The cultural center also offers different workshops for flamenco dance and guitar, in keeping with their philosophy of bringing a true flamenco experience to the public.

Highly recommended when visiting Malaga!

Picasso + Boat ride (Bahía de Malaga)visit to picasso and malaga boat

First, a visit to Picasso Museum, in Malaga Centre. Later, a boat ride around Malaga Bay.

The Museo Picasso Málaga is a museum in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, the city where artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born.[2] It opened in 2003 in the Buenavista Palace, and has 285 works donated by members of Picasso’s family.

The trip only takes an hour and you get the added bonus of enjoying the stunning views of the coastline.

You can see dolphins around!

Arab Baths + Typical Spanish Lunch arabs bath

Relax yourself in the SPA or swimming pool. Later, enjoy a typical lunch in a Spanish Restaurant.

A spacious place where you can relive the splendour of that era. Located in the centre, in the old Medina, very close to the ruins of the city’s old Arab wall, these Arabic baths are infused with the warm and luminous atmosphere that is so characteristic of the area, and recreate the social ritual of Andalusia that is currently attracting most interest”.

Besides, enjoy a Typical Spanish Lunch after your relaxing baths with a full menu.

Highly recommended for Adults and our most selected students!

Some other examples.

  • Visits to Malaga and surroundings
  • Several routes as the gastronomics tour (“ruta de la tapa”)…
  • Meetings on the beach
  • Cooking and surfing activities


So just contact us to make a special program for you…

You can also include your special activity when filling the registration form.

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  • Student Groups

    Lyceum Español hosts many student groups. This kind of groups must be recepted differently.

  • Language Exchange Program

    Every week Lyceum Español organizes language and cultural meeting points between native Spanish people

  • Extracurricular Activities

    We provide special leisure packages for our students. Since our intensive courses in morning (Monday-Friday), Spanish Lyceum organizes extra activities.

  • Sports & Leisure

    Our students have the opportunity to be part of a Surfing course in the destinations of Rincón de la Victoria and Marbella.