What should I do to learn Spanish

What should I do to learn Spanish

When you decide to study a new language, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. One of the most effective ways to learn another language is by travelling to the native speaking country.

Choosing my destination to learn Spanish.

How to learn spanishTherefore, you should visit Spain if you’re choosing to learn Spanish as the Spanish language originated in this country and that’s why the we speak ‘pure Spanish’, just like the British speak ‘pure English’. However, we have to remember that many cultures have passed through this country and that we have a very long history. This is why we have so many different regions and cultures. Another thing to remember is that if we take a Spanish course in Spain, we must consider which language most of the population in any given region speak. Cataluña, País Vasco, Galicia, Valencia, these are all “countries” where people usually don’t speak Spanish to each other, or as their first language. How to learn Spanish then?

However, there are other reasons to come to Spain besides a language immersion, such as the culture, the food and the people; and you need to consider all of these factors as well as the climate and the economy before you decide which part of Spain you want to visit. For example, in northern Spain, the climate is very different to the south, in that it’s cooler and slightly wetter than its southern counterpart.

Finally, if you need another reason to come to Spain, then think of the incredible beaches we have. Yes, let us not be naïve and delude ourselves. You’ve thought about visiting Spain, and in no small part because of the countless stunningly beautiful beaches there are.

The bottom line:

In conclusion, for a good language immersion, you need to think about these 3 things:

A) The speakers: You need go to a region of Spain where people speak in Spanish to each other, all of the time.

B) The climate: Northern Spain´s climate is not the typical climate you usually picture when you think of Spain.

C) The coast: You want to enjoy the weather and what is better than being close to the beach?

Once you have thought about these, then you have all of the tools necessary to choose your perfect destination. One that is unblemished, with no dialects and no northern or internal regions.

So, if we were to take all of these things and look at a map, then there is only one clear choice – LA COSTA DEL SOL.


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