Top 10 tips to learn Spanish better.

Top 10 tips to learn Spanish better.

Do you think about it in South America to learn Spanish? Do you need to improve your Spanish language skills are some useful tips that will help you? Then you’ve come to the right place! We asked our experienced teachers by the top 10 suggestions for learning Spanish. Here are the answers:


1. Be patient

Students expect always very quick to learn Spanish and are then disappointed if it takes a little longer. Take your time and do not expect perfect from speaking Spanish from you. A new language must be learned in small, manageable steps. Be proud of your progress and try to put yourself unrealistic goals.


2. Learn Spanish abroad

It is well known that faster learning Spanish when one is exposed to the language fully going from morning to night. Our students have told us that they could significantly improve their Spanish skills thanks to the Spanish classes in Malaga and the direct use of the acquired knowledge in everyday situations, for those who want to learn more than just Spanish, studying abroad in Malaga, a very good way to attend the home-tutoring to study Spanish and receiving private lessons at home.


3. Read in Spanish

learn spanishThe Spanish language skills can be significantly improved by regular reading of short articles or stories. It is also a good way to quickly to address common Spanish words and phrases. Our teachers are of the opinion that newspapers and magazines help students to learn key phrases and thus improve the reading and writing skills. In Lyceum Español we have a library of books that are marked with color codes for the different levels so that students can use to choose the books that apply to their knowledge.


4. Organization and Organization of Work

This point is known to us all and made him one of the most important aspects of learning a language. There are a so many resources available to learn Spanish that one is easily overloaded with books, notes and papers. Place after each lesson sure that you have everything learned and understood. Then everything go at your leisure through There’s nothing more frustrating than looking constantly between hundreds of papers for important documents. Therefore, the Tip: Arrange structured material, so you keep it sensible.


5. Use flashcards

Students and teachers recommend flashcards, because it is the best tool to memorize key Spanish words. A flashcard is composed of small cards that you wear during the day with you, and can browse through quickly each time together. If you hear a new word while you’re on the go, then it immediately write down on a card. Even if there is a word or a sentence that you constantly forget, then write it on a flash card. So you can focus on those items that give you the most trouble and so you make rapid progress in learning Spanish.


6. Watch movies with Spanish subtitles

This point is easy and fun. Attempts to you as often as possible to watch movies in Spanish and Spanish television programs. In addition, we recommend you German films with Spanish subtitles to watch. Try to connect the spoken words with the subtitles. This is very helpful for the understanding of the Spanish language when spoken quickly. We refer Spaniard movies in the learning process.


7. Tag your environment

This is a very helpful tip. Buy yourself post-its and select everything in your house. Every time you’re near a labeled object, say the word out loud. You’ll never forget one thing. We tag our apartments before students arrive!


8. Meet with a friend

Learning Spanish can sometimes be frustrating and an endless occur. The best way to overcome this is to find friends who support you, if the process seems to stagnate. Learn Spanish with a friend offers you the opportunity outside the classroom to practice your oral skills as homework usually only require reading and writing. Find your friends at learning Spanish lessons, accommodation, or take part in activities, workshops, excursions.


9. Do not be shy, share your learning

spanish course extracurricular activities

You try to divide the time and to work every day of the week tasks and learn. Know the areas in which you still have weaknesses, concentrate on and improve these areas before your next Spanish classes. Lyceum Español offers many Spanish worksheets to practice to help students develop specific areas of language.

In summary, don’t be shy to show your improvements. But in case you are, remind we only provide private lessons and that’s an advantage if you want to take your time.


10. Participate in a Spanish learning community

Online or in your home town you will surprisingly find many people who also want to learn Spanish. Sign up for an online support and guidance to, meet you for a language and participate in a local Spanish group meetings. We live in a time very easily accessible in the information and support – make the most of it!

In part, it can be frustrating and challenging to learn a new language. Progress always depend on how much you invest and, of course, are also of the resources available to you. However, the learning can also be fun and very rewarding! Our teachers and students of Spanish in Malaga give you a recommendation; if you really want to learn Spanish, you must do so with heart and soul.

¡Buena suerte!



“Hola, I’m Laura from Malaga, Spain.

I am a qualified Spanish teacher at Lyceum Español and my Spanish teaching diploma, CAP (Certificado de Adaptación Pedagógica) and CLTA (Certified Language Teacher for Adults) have given me the knowledge and practical skills to create multi level lessons and to manage groups as well as individual students.

I have 8 years professional experience during which time I have enjoyed working with a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and goals. As a Lyceum Spanish teacher I love drawing on my experience in helping my students get the most from my lessons. My experience has shown me there’s no place like home and that’s what I found at Lyceum Español.”

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    • Bienvenido/a a la Prueba de nivel de español..
    • Al final del test, sabrás tu puntuación total.
    1. Hola, me llamo Antonio. Y tú, ¿cómo te ______?
    2. -¿Quiénes ___ esos hombres?
    - Unos amigos.
    3. - ¿____ se dice “Tisch” en español?
    - Se dice “mesa”.
    4. - Manuel, y tú... ¿en qué trabajas?
    - Soy _______ en un supermercado.
    5. - Manuel vive en España, pero sus hermanos _____ en Polonia.
    6. ¿Cuál ______ tu número de teléfono?
    7. - Lucía tiene unos hijos muy _____ .
    8. - En Granada _______ una catedral muy interesante.
    9. - Perdone, ¿dónde ______ el Museo Picasso?
    10. - ¿Te _______ cocinar?
    - Pues la verdad es que no_____ . _____ ir a un restaurante.
    11. - Esta noche ______ al tenis, ¿te gustaría acompañarnos?
    12. - Buenas tardes, señor. ¿Qué desea?
    - Me _____ probar el gazpacho.
    13. - Medio kilo de manzanas, por favor.
    - ¿Cómo _____ quiere?
    - No muy verdes.
    14. -¿Qué tal está la paella?
    -Está _______ rica.
    15. - No me gusta el frío.
    - __________________.
    16. - El jersey es ______ bonito ______ la chaqueta.
    17. - A Pepe _________ regalamos una bici eléctrica.
    18. - Hola, ¿qué queréis tomar?
    - _______ un par de cervezas, por favor.
    19. - María, en tu casa, ¿quién pone la mesa?
    - Normalmente la _______ yo. Aunque casi siempre me ayudan.
    20. - Todos los días me acuerdo de mis amigos. Y tú, ¿ ____ acuerdas siempre de ellos?


    Now submit the test to get your results!

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    Top 10 tips to better learn Spanish
    We asked our experienced teachers by the top 10 suggestions to learn Spanish. Here are the answers.