The most difficult handicaps I've found learning Spanish.

The most difficult handicaps I've found learning Spanish.

Spanish is a very rich language with a hard grammar and huge vocabulary, inasmuch as it is a language with a long history and a mix of branches as Latin, Greek, Phoenician or Arabic.

The Latin branch represents the highest percent into the Spanish language. However, this language can become too difficult if we are not very familiar with the grammar subject or with the verbs and conjugations.

Here is a number of teaching parties have called into our Spanish courses in Spain the effectiveness of this approach.


As another language, Spanish grammar probably is the longest and hardest part of this language. You can find this handicap when you learn Spanish in Spain. Therefore, some syntactic forms as well as phrasal subjects require sometimes a really good knowledge and experience.


Verbs and specially the tenses and forms in Spanish are the most complex part you can find during your studying. Everybody knows their best friend “el subjuntivo” which is one of the biggest headache meanwhile you are studying Spanish, which in addition with other tenses and forms in Spanish, is a nightmare for foreigners.

Some forms of the subjunctive as cases of reference even hear those assumptions that are combined by the future we assume difficult to understand much of the foreign cases.

handicaps to learn the Spanish language


Especially for those having a high level of Spanish, they should know this language could become very different from our native language and in many cases too much exotic. Sometimes, we get lost between so many commas, stops, semicolons and so on, insomuch that it is very hard to understand its meaning. However, it has a lot of sense, even if we do not think so. In fact, the most of the sentences between commas can be “cut and paste” within any part of the whole phrase. This is a classic tip in Spanish Syntax.


The Spanish language is a very versatile one, inasmuch as it has a certain pliability. Its speakers (especially the native speakers) get to have a real ability to “create new forms and make different structures with ease. As many non-speakers say: “Spanish language sounds as music”.

Therefore, the expressions take an important part in this versatility. In fact, it is common knowledge the most of the modern Spanish sentences are made by “clichés”. We use this aspect within our classes, being that students can get a freedom of self-expression easily.


Anyway, the problem must not be exaggerated. The Spanish language is a beautiful, wonderful and manageable one, once you know the basic tips to speak it.

That´s why we usually say to our students, if they really want to learn the Spanish language: “El español es como una canción, y si sientes la música podrás cantarla” – The Spanish language is like a song, if you get to feel the music, you will be able to sing it.

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