Biggest Obstacles in Learning Spanish

Biggest Obstacles in Learning Spanish

In every learning, there will be difficulties. But if we have the goal and desire, these difficulties can be easily unlocked. Here are some difficulties to consider:

1: The Pronunciation.

Learning how to pronounce a foreign language like the native speaker is not easy. Yet, it is not impossible. This is why we are here. Learning a correct pronunciation will boost your confidence and encourage you to speak more. But when you fail to pronounce it right and other people ask you to repeat it to be understood, it takes your confidence away. Also, your language competence is shaken. The better your pronunciation, the faster you can learn. Correct pronunciation is one of the significant components of successful foreign language learning.
There are number of things you can do to improve your pronunciation. We can help you with all the these things. Since Spanish uses the Latin alphabet. The vowels can take an acute accent, and there is the additional letter ñ. So, without someone to help you understand these things, learning can be passive.

2: Conjugation of some verbs.

Misunderstanding and miscommunication are possible when the speaker does not know how to conjugate verbs. Verbs are very important to learn in every language. Spanish, I would say has the hardest verb usage to learn. Learning how to use them and let it work in the sentences or conversation is important. It may take time but your perseverance and patient are your keys to advance.

3: The Spanish adjectives and their position.

Spanish adjectives may be found before or after the nouns they modify, depending on various factors. Generally speaking, descriptive adjectives follow nouns, while limiting adjectives precede nouns. Your learning will be hasten if you keep on reading and learning everyday. We can guide you in this area.

4: The false cognates -The false friends.

Spanish and English has thousands of words that look similar but may mean different things. For example: “nacion” in Spanish means nation in English but “decepcion” does not mean deception in English. The meaning is far from what you are concluding. Decepción means disappoinment. “Realizar” in Spanish maybe mistaken “to realize” in English but its not. Actually it means “to do”. With these thousands of words which are similar in English will eventually cause confusion. These words are actually complicated and if not used properly will cause misunderstanding. We have the ability to help you out.

5: Pronouns – last but not the least.

Learning the Spanish nouns is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you practice the subject, the closer you get to master the Spanish language. There are rules in using Spanish pronouns as it is in English. This can cause quite a headache. Verbs in a statement usually give hints on the best pronoun to use in the sentence. However, Spanish often dispenses with subject pronouns altogether, so watch out!
Spanish is derived in a large part from Latin. It is a Roman language just like Italian and Portuguese and are similar to both. Thanks to English borrowing heavily from Latin. Keen learners will easily be able to pick out words and similarities between the two languages. Just remember that everyone makes mistakes and the most important thing is to keep going!


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