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Spanish Tutors in Nerja

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The most effective way of learning Spanish is to immerse yourself in the culture and understand how language is used. At Lyceum Español we offer a range of private Spanish lessons and courses that provide you with the language skills you need to become more fluent.

Our Spanish Tutors in Nerja are fully trained and experienced in working with students of different abilities to help them learn at the right pace for them.


How Our Private Spanish Lessons Work

We offer a range of Spanish courses that are designed to help you learn to speak Spanish during a stay in Nerja or one of the other resort towns on the Costa del Sol. You will stay in a modern, apartment that’s been custom designed to be the perfect environment to learn a language. Our Spanish Tutors will visit you every day for a structured programme of learning that will involve both face to face teaching and also excursions into the surrounding area to experience the local culture and understand how Spanish is used day to day.


Here are some reasons to book our Spanish Courses:

  • Fully Qualified Spanish Teachers
  • Direct and Practical Method
  • Large experience teaching Spanish
  • Do not rely on any individual teacher: we are a Spanish School
  • Best part from a school, best part from individual lessons

Fully Qualified Spanish Teachers

At Lyceum Español, we follow a ‘Communicative Method’ syllabus, which works to develop all four Spanish language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Only when you are confident in all four of these areas will you achieve fluency. In Nerja, our Spanish teachers are fully qualified and have extensive experience of helping students To give an engaging and relevant framework to learning these skills, each lesson will focus on a specific topic, which will vary from current affairs to everyday issues. Your professional and friendly teachers will select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class



General Spanish






Spanish for Groups



Head Teacher


Get a Private Teacher at home

The school can provide a teacher to work on specialised Spanish related to specific students or fields. Teacher goes to the student’s place.

All private lessons are 55 minutes long. As our home tuition is highly specialised and flexible, depending entirely upon the needs of the student/s, we prefer to discuss your booking options directly.

Learn Spanish in Nerja

If you’re ready to book your private Spanish course in Nerja or just want to find out more about our private tutors and how your lessons will work, please contact us today for more information.



All prices per lesson and per person - 2017/18 Academic Year
Pricing when booking just tuition
Minimum lessons per week: 4 lessons
& Fees
4 lessons
6 lessons
8 lessons
10 lessons
(4 people)
9 €8 €7 €6 €bookspanishcourse
(3 people)
12 €11 €10 €9 €bookspanishcourse
(2 people)
14 €13 €12 €11 €bookspanishcourse
(1 person)
25 €24 €23 €22 €bookspanishcourse
Private Master Class
(Spanish for Professionals)
32 €31 €30 €29 €bookspanishcourse