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Residential Spanish Courses in Malaga

If you are thinking of learning any language, your main option is through immersion in the local culture.  At Lyceum Español we offer residential Spanish courses in Malaga with carefully selected accommodation in the heart of the city so you can surround yourself with the language and experience Spanish life as you learn.

Our courses include accommodation, and daily intensive lessons along with excursions into the local area to enable you to get practical experience of speaking Spanish in normal situations.  Residential Spanish courses in Malaga give you the benefit of being in one of Spain’s most enjoyable resort towns while also getting first class tuition from our well trained and experienced Spanish teachers.

Your Accommodation Choices in Malaga

At Lyceum Español, we offer  different accommodation options to our students so that you can learn in an environment that suits you and meets your budget.  Choose from either shared accommodation so that you can learn in a small group, or stay in a private apartment in Malaga for one or 2 people and enjoy one to one/one to two tuition that will help you to learn the language naturally and at your own pace.

Our residential spanish courses in malaga

Spanish immersion gives you the best learning experience possible.  Our residential Spanish courses in Malaga are structured to include direct tuition in the language and also involve activities into the city so that you can put your language skills to use and develop a much better understanding of how Spanish is spoken by the locals. In one example, our language exchange program, where students have a meeting with other Spanish students.

We look after your needs throughout your stay with us, providing you with carefully chosen accommodation in apartments in the heart of Malaga that is furnished, lovely and modern – the perfect environment to immerse yourself in Spanish language training and gain the skills you need to experience Spain with confidence in your language skills.

To get more information or to book a residential Spanish course in Malaga with Lyceum Español, please fill in your details below, and we will arrange everything for you.