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Spanish Courses in Malaga

Here in Lyceum Español, you can learn Spanish in Malaga, Spain, and benefit from a residential course that includes full immersion in the local culture. Our Spanish Courses in Malaga include accommodation, excursions, and face to face tuition to help you learn, and intensive lessons from expert tutors that will help you gain more confidence in your ability to enjoy Spain.

If you are looking for Spanish Courses in Malaga to suit your current level of fluency, we can tailor our programme to help you according to your level of Spanish. Our courses are designed to give you a good knowledge of the language and culture and improve your language skills.

We help you learn Spanish in Malaga – the capital of La Costa del Sol, which is much in demand by plenty of Spanish language students. In fact, it is Spanish Courses are the main reason as to why students decide to come to Malaga.spanish courses in malaga

Unlike traditional language schools, where you’ll be expected to sit in a classroom with a group of mixed ability students, our Spanish Courses in Malaga are conducted in the comfort of your apartment which has been specially furnished to make it the ideal environment for learning. Therefore, you can choose from either one-on-one tuition, one-on-two tuition, a homestay or to share an apartment with other students.

A typical Spanish Course in Malaga from Lyceum Español includes everything you need to improve your fluency including face to face tuition, accommodation, and activities into this city to recreate a language immersion.

It’s easy to understand why we chose Malaga to start our project of teaching Spanish in Spain, and hopefully you’ll want to visit to learn more yourself.

Here are 9 REASONS
why you should consider to learn Spanish in Malaga:

1. Malaga is becoming popular worldwide

2. A rich history, art and a mix of cultures

3. Tailored Spanish courses in Spain that offer valuemalaga spanish courses

4. Good location and connections with landlocked cities.

5. Everyone there speaks the Spanish language

6. A perfect environment, 322 sunny days

7. You can learn Spanish in Malaga and discover Spain

8. The opportunity to make international friends

9. Its airport has daily connections from everywhere

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