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Spanish Courses in Benalmadena

Here in Lyceum Español, you can learn Spanish in Benalmadena, Spain, and benefit from a residential course that includes full immersion at the heart of this beautiful city. Our Spanish Courses in Benalmadena include accommodation, activites, and face to face tuition to help you learn, and intensive lessons from expert tutors that will help you gain more confidence in your ability to enjoy your stay in Spain when having Spanish courses in Benalmadena.

If you are looking for Spanish Courses in Benalmadena to suit your current level of fluency, we can tailor our programme to help you according to your level of Spanish and your individual needs. Our courses are designed to give you a good knowledge of the language and culture and improve your language skills.

Spanish Courses in Benalmadena

We help you learn Spanish in Benalmadena –, which is a typical Andalusian village with a quiet&relaxed atmosphere. Balconies facing out towards the streets are decorated by flowers in a variety of colors. Benalmadena is located above the other two areas. Many nice restaurants and typical small shops is situated the picturesque streets of Andalusia.

Unlike traditional language schools, where you’ll be expected to sit in a classroom with a group of mixed ability students, our Spanish Courses in Malaga are conducted in the comfort of your apartment which has been specially furnished to make it the ideal environment for learning. Therefore, you can choose from either one-on-one tuition, one-on-two tuition, a homestay or to share an apartment with other students.

A typical Spanish Course in Benalmadena from Lyceum Español includes everything you need to improve your fluency including face to face tuition, accommodation, and activities into this city to recreate a language immersion.

It’s easy to understand why we also chose Benalmadena as destination. Benalmadena is a city and municipality in southern Spain, belonging to the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Besides, if you get away from the modern city (let´s say Malaga), where over-development has killed the charm, there’s still the old town to show you why all the tourists came here in the first place (especially from UK). Spanish courses in Benalmadena are a good choice if you want to learn Spanish in Benalmadena.

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Here are 9 REASONS
why you should consider to learn Spanish in Benalmadena:

1. Benalmadena is beloved by foreigners, especially from UK

2. Torremolinos is a warming place which belongs to BenalmadenaBenalmadena to learn spanish

3. Tailored Spanish courses in Spain that offer value

4. Good surroundings and the nearest location to Malaga city

5. It is full of foreigners

6. A perfect environment, 322 sunny days

7. You can learn Spanish in Benalmadena and discover Andalusia

8. The opportunity to make international friends

9. Its beaches you will love

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