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5 destinations to choose from

Study Spanish in La Costa del Sol: Malaga, Nerja, Marbella, Benalmadena and Rincon de la Victoria.

You have several choices, all of which are near the beach!

Lyceum Español offers you the chance to learn Spanish in several locations around the southern seaside of Spain- La Costa del Sol, in Malaga. Always subject to availability, you can choose your destination. Our apartments are always located near the beach and fully equipped. Here you have all destinations we currently have. Please, contact us to check the availability.

All in the best part of Spain! Choose your destination in La Costa del Sol. You have several destinations to choose where you want to have your Spanish course; Malaga, Nerja, Benalmadena, Rincon de la Victoria or Marbella. Study Spanish in La Costa del Sol!


MALAGAClick here

If you prefer to be near the city centre, this is your destination. Malaga is a culturally diverse city with many artistic, historical and cultural attactions to visit.  In Malaga you can also discover the many religious, traditional and cultural celebrations that take place throughout the year.

malaga location

NERJAClick here

East Coast of Malaga. Beautiful and typical town in la Costa del Sol. You cannot miss its “Cuevas” and its beaches. Nerja is definitely a destination worth considering. nerja location

MARBELLAClick here

West Coast of Malaga. Marbella is known for its luxury and exclusive places, such as the beautiful Puerto Banus or the city centre. marbella location


West-Centre Coast of Malaga. Benalmadena & Torremolinos cannot fail as destinations. Typical towns, very well known part of La Costa del Sol. This is a highly recommended location if you do not want to be far away from Malaga city. benalmadena location


East Coast of Malaga. Our favourite destination because of its exclusive and unique character. Something of a hidden gem, it is rare to find a lot of other foreign visitors here. It also has one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaga. rincon de la victoria location