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¡Hola! Welcome to our Blog. Here you can find weekly posts to learn Spanish, such us language experiences, grammar, vocabulary, tricks, advices and much more. We use a far more useful and practical method of learning.

Probably you know our pretty new channel in YouTube. Anyway, here is a link to our channel. As a brief description, our YouTube channel and Blog are focussed torwards the improvement of efficiency ratios in all areas of Spanish language, through the use of an original learning program.

The main protagonist of our videos is Super Liceo. He will be your “Media Teacher” through YouTube. He is very funny and clever!

So, apart from our Spanish courses in Spain, we highly recommend you to follow our weekly videos to improve your language skills. And once you have a good base, you can learn Spanish in Spain with us!

Practice Spanish,
Phrase of the Day

As with all languages, when you’re learning Spanish, it’s important to practice daily and expand your vocabulary as much as possible to give you the ability to feel comfortable in different situations.

At Lyceum Español, our intensive residential Spanish Courses give you the chance to learn Spanish in the most natural way possible and immerse you in the local culture of the Costa del Sol. We also provide you with a new piece of Spanish to learn every day.





– “Lo siento, ha sido sin querer…”

– “Nada es para siempre”

– “Yo sólo sé, que no sé nada…”

– “Hasta la vista”

– “No es oro todo lo que reluce”

– “Perro ladrador, poco mordedor”

– “No es país para viejos”

– “Quien la sigue la consigue”

– “Lo siento pero no entiendo nada”




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