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Why choose our accomodation?

Fully furnished & serviced apartments offer something more than a traditional hotel. And more so than when you want value for money; no timetables, no tipping and no meaningless expenses that you don’t need and don’t want.

That’s why probably you are thinking of choosing an apartment instead of an hotel to stay in Malaga. Nowadays you can find plenty of websites providing this kind of services. However, here are some reasons to choose our accommodation if you come to learn Spanish in Spain.


to choose one of our apartments in Malaga:

1. They have been carefully selected

Forget about misleading pictures of promising apartments. Our apartments are the best choice for our students. It does not matter your age, likes, dislikes, preferences… You will be happy with any of our apartments in Malaga.

Due to our large experience, we know what foreigners expect when staying in Malaga. All of our apartments are large enough, near the beach, fresh, cozy and well connected.

apartments in malaga


2. Fully equipped to learn Spanish and feel comfortable

In one hand, our apartments are not the typical accommodation. They have been prepared accordingly. In fact, you can find several books in Spanish, guides, learning materials and much more. On the other hand, they are well equipped to have lectures inside.

Nevertheless, we know our students do not want just a “learning apartment”. Therefore, our accommodation has been carefully furnished tastefully and functionally. The most of them have sea views, terraces, large rooms…



3. Cheaper & better than booking by your own

Lyceum Español has some of its apartments for vacational rentings on the internet. However, the prices are higher. In any event, it must be said these apartments are the best-in-class, within a good quality-ratio price. When booking a course package with Lyceum Español, both prices (apartment and course) come at a lower price.

It is therefore a good chance for our students. They will not find a better match by themselves.



4. Always near the beach and well connected

 Since we know you are looking forward to staying near the seaside, our apartments are always located near the beach.

They will always be near important places and/or well connected by transport.



5. Your Spanish Course at a better price

As described above, your Spanish Course will come at a better price when booking a course package that includes accommodation. In fact, Lyceum Español also provides home tutoring without the need to book any apartment with us, but for a higher price.



Apart from our exclusive accommodation, our method will always be the best of us.

Small group learning with an active component is incorporated in many curricula today. Have you been in a class where you had small group breakout sessions to discuss a case or apply learned concepts? Have you been enrolled in a course which was taught exclusively using a small group learning method?

Lyceum Español has created a different way to learn Spanish. Our home tutoring learning based on small groups is not a casualty. Let’s explain our method.

So now you have many reasons to join us!


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