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Villas for large groups

Spanish Courses for Groups of more than 8 students.

Lyceum Español hosts many student groups from many countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, France… The most of our groups are underage (-18). That is why, these groups must be recepted differently, inasmuch as they need a special accommodation. Also in this field, Lyceum Español provides exclusive spanish courses for groups.

We want to provide the best quality for our students. That’s why this specific accommodation for groups is tailor made to host students. Besides, it is fully equipped to learn Spanish in Malaga. However, our villas for groups are located in several of our destinations as Malaga, Nerja and Rincon de la Victoria (depending on the availabilty). Apart from our big houses (villas), we provide the possibility of hosting some students in a homestay.

An exclusive way to learn Spanish in Malaga.

Students will feel comfortble from the moment they walk in the door.  We offer customized stays in a privileged environment. Students will enjoy the variety of “surroundings” and will appreciate the home-made learning at reasonable prices. Besides, they will taste the typical Spanish food inasmuch as we provide an exclusive half-board (breakfast at home and a tasty menu in a near restaurant).

Here are some of the features in our large houses for groups:


spanish courses for groups

  • Large and exclusive villas near the beach
  • Fully equipped
  • Cultural and funny activties
  • Picking up from the Airport in a private bus
  • Good environment
  • Different rooms with studying areas
  • Half-board in a tasty Restaurant (near the accommodation)
  • Students must be a minimum of 12 years of age.

reception of student groups to learn Spanish in Malaga

Every one of our villas has large sun terraces, areas of study, several rooms and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea very close to them. Our privative villas offer a serene and relaxing atmosphere and benefit from all the seaside comfort.    Read more!

activities or groups after the course

The following lines describe a normal day of a group of students in Lyceum Español. The most of students coming as a group stay in our Villas. Nevertheless, some of them stay with a family near the Villa (having lunch and spending nights).    Read more!



Lyceum Español provides the following list of services for reception of groups:

Picking up from Malaga Airport in a private bus.

– A Private Intensive Spanish Course.

– Exclusived accommodation in a villa for each 7-8 students.

Weekly activities such as language exchanges, visits, excursions…

– A welcome package for each student, with learning material included.

Half- board – breakfast: at home / lunch: tasty menu in a near restaurant


AGENCIES & SCHOOLS: Please, contact us for further information about specific prices for groups.

In case the students are underage, they must be accompanied by a tutor (according to the accommodation). Anyway, we have special discounts for groups. Besides, we will provide a specific accommodation according to the number of students. A tutor will stay for free for bigger groups than 7 students ( a tutor for free for each 8 students).


Spanish Courses for Groups with different levels of Spanish

Having a home-tutoring is one of the major advantages that we can supply on groups. Why? Because it is possible to divide into small groups according to their level of Spanish, separated by apartments and tutors.

This is not very usual level for students groups. However, they will be very comfortable with our practical, useful and friendly way to teach. More info…

Sometimes it is difficult to determinate an exact “intermediate level.” At this level, some students have better skills in verbs; others have knowledge in other fields; More info…

They know Spanish language to a high-enough level but still want to improve even more. It belongs to a C1, C2 official level. More info…