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An example

Forget about misleading pictures of promising apartments. Our apartments are the best choice for our students. It does not matter your age, likes, dislikes, preferences… You will be happy with any of our apartments in Malaga.

Here is one of our show houses in Malaga for families and small groups:


 Wonderful 2 bedroom duplex house 9 minutes far from the beach. Charming design, amazing sea views from its 2 terraces, small garden with panoramic views. Despite of having a long bar, living room size is quite large. In fact, it has a pool table, a bar, and a resting area, which is very fresh in Summer time. On the second floor you can find two bedrooms and a bathroom. The fist bedroom has one double bed. The second bedroom has 2 single beds (despite of its picture). Its located in the best part of Malaga ad its environment is very natural and paceful. There are some stairs to go quickly to the beach. POOL, WIFI, BARBECUE and BIKES!