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Large Apartments

If you are a family or a small group,
we have exclusive apartments for you

Apartments for 3-6 people, tailor-made for you and your requirement to learn Spanish properly. They are big enough apartments. In addition, they are always near the beach, fully equipped and some of them with swimming pools and sport surroundings.

Better & cheaper than booking by your own! Our exclusive accommodation and its special pricing is the best match for you.

All the accommodation is located around La Costa del Sol. These are the most beautiful and the most exclusive areas near Malaga. Our company in Malaga meets the highest standards. All our teachers are born in Spain. They all have a master’s degree and great knowledge about Andalusia. We organize many cultural activities for our students. Classrom will be only composed of your family or group.


-A language immersion together-

Do you miss

If you learn Spanish as a family with Lyceum Espanol you will find that the course is highly rewarding for you and your kids, and thanks to our unique teaching method, your relatives will be able to experience life in Spain through native instruction, and regular excursions into the local area to get closer to Spanish Culture. There will be regular activities with other apartment groups every week.

We adapt apartments to the groups (age, level of Spanish, different nationalities…). Besides, all the apartments have an area equipped for lectures, as well as for your personal study of Spanish during free time.


Studying Spanish as a Group

At Lyceum Español you have the choice to enjoy La Costa del Sol, meanwhile you learn Spanish all together. However, it is important to know we recommend to have different lectures for adults and kids. In fact, we provide the following Spanish course:

two-hour daily lessons for adults
– and one-hour daily lessons for kids


  • Always big and fully equipped apartments to learn Spanish.
  • Groups of max. 6 people in these apartments.
  • Always comfortable rooms of your own.
  • We pick you up from the Airport directly to your apartment.

Spanish Courses TIMETABLE

Monday to Friday(morning schedule):9.30am to 12:50pm lectures, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes
Monday to Friday(afternoon schedule):16.30pm to 19:50pm lectures, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes

Note: In private course: 1 lesson = 55 minutes (instead of 50 minutes).

accommodation for familiesaccommodation for families

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  • Large Apartment

    Apartaments for 3-6 people, specially tailor made for families and groups and their requirements to learn Spanish properly. Besides, they are always near the beach, fully equipped...

  • Private Apartments

    Our private apartments are probably the best way to learn on a Spanish course. That’s why we highly recommend this kind of accommodation if you want to take advantage of your stay in La Costa del Sol.

  • Homestay - Spanish family

    When you want to study a language abroad, homestay is an important component of every Experiment program. If you want to know how Spanish people live, if you want to learn Spanish and have fun...

  • Villas for Big Groups

    Lyceum Español hosts many student groups from many countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, France… The most of our groups are underage (-18).