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4 different types of accommodation
Private and large apartments, homestays and villas for groups…

accommodation for families

accommodation for families


Better & cheaper than booking by your own!

Our exclusive accommodation and its special pricing are the best match for you.


  • All destinations
  • For 1-2 people
  • Or for 1 person
  • Always near the beach
  • One or two rooms
  • Fully equipped
  • Big and well located

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  • Specifically for families/groups
  • For 3-6 people
  • Always near the beach
  • Several rooms
  • Fully equipped to learn Spanish
  • Big and well located

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A HOMESTAY with a Spanish FAMILY

another room picturespanish families for adults, in spain

  • Total language immersion
  • For 1-2 people
  • Half/Full board
  • Always near the beach
  • Nice families, warming lodgement
  • Homeschooling
  • Activities with other students

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reception of student groups to learn Spanish in Malagalarge house for students groupslarge house 3

  • Large and exclusive villas near the beach
  • Fully equipped
  • Cultural and funny activties
  • Picking up from the Airport in a private bus
  • Good environment
  • Different rooms with studying areas
  • Half-board in a tasty Restaurant

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  • Large Apartment

    Apartaments for 3-6 people, specially tailor made for families and groups and their requirements to learn Spanish properly. Besides, they are always near the beach, fully equipped...

  • Private Apartments

    Our private apartments are probably the best way to learn on a Spanish course. That’s why we highly recommend this kind of accommodation if you want to take advantage of your stay in La Costa del Sol.

  • Homestay - Spanish family

    When you want to study a language abroad, homestay is an important component of every Experiment program. If you want to know how Spanish people live, if you want to learn Spanish and have fun...

  • Villas for Big Groups

    Lyceum Español hosts many student groups from many countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, France… The most of our groups are underage (-18).